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iPhone Programming

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App StoreI’ve been working on an app for Hollywood superstar and weight-loss sensation Kirstie Alley’s new business Organic Liaison for the past couple months. It was finally accepted into the App Store today! It was an amazing project to work on, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

Check it out, it’s a free download, but you need to sign up first at

It’s here! The long-awaited Organic Liaison App for iPhone. Now you can stay on top of your Organic Liaison plan no matter where you are.

Do it all on the go:
- Update your Daily Journal
- View your Menu Planner
- Use Organic Foods Locator to navigate to the nearest organic stores and restaurants
- Reference Organic Recipes while grocery shopping
…and more!

Get the App now to optimize your healthy Organic Liaison lifestyle and easily manage your weight loss.

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App Store

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App StoreKirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App Store
Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App StoreKirstie Alley's Organic Liaison App Available on the App Store

iStrobe 1.2 now live in App Store

iStrobe 1.2 went live the App Store today. It has a couple minor bug fixes and a brand new interface, which is in my opinion, the best of any flash light app out there. Download it today in the App Store. And please, if you like it be sure to write a nice review. If you don’t like it, tell me how I can improve it!

The new code will be uploaded shortly.

Supplement iAd with AdMob

Something interesting happened with the iAds in my apps. I started off at a few bucks a day and slowly increased to $25, $35, and up to $54 a day. My fill rates were peaking at 75% and averaging around 65%. Over the past two weeks my requests have been climbing but my fill rates have been dropping all the way down to below 30%, so I have been maintaining a steady $25/day or so even with higher app activity. Change that fill rate to 80% and I would be at $100 a day. Big difference, huh? That’s a lot of money I am not making, but easily could be.

Dropping iAd Fill Rate

Dropping iAd Fill Rate

iAd Profit

iAd profit peak and then fairly steady ~$25/day despite dramatic increase in requests for Ads, all because of low fill rates

I can only be loyal to Apple for so long, I decided to implement a supplemental advertising system, and I settled on AdMob. It was pretty simple to do, I just added some code in the iAd bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError: method that calls up an AdMob ad. In the iAd method that receives an ad, added some code to dismiss any AdMob ads (since iAds pay more, I want those up when possible).

The newest code to iStrobe will have the AdMob system implemented and it should go live in the App Store in about a month. Still waiting on a current new release to be accepted. So far I have heard mixed reviews with AdMob so I am not quite sure how it will work out, but you know I will keep you all updated.

iStrobe 1.2 submitted to App Store

I submitted iStrobe 1.2 to the App Store today. It has a couple minor bug fixes and a brand new interface, which is in my opinion, the best of any flash light app out there. Check the App Store often as the update will hopefully go live in approximately a week (or longer with the recent App Store delays).

The new code will be uploaded shortly.

Memory management is arguably the most difficult concept for beginner programmers to grasp. When I decided to go back to school, I was required to take beginner programming classes since there is no option to test in to computer science courses. I witnessed the hair-pulling frustration of the beginner students when memory management was introduced for the first time. The hardest part of that course was when I was asked to act as a sort of student teacher-aid, going around helping trying to help other students learn memory management.

Luckily, an author going by r_adem has released an excellent article explaining proper memory management on iOS. There are several snippets with detailed explanations outlining when and why you would use certain memory management methods.

He shows the right way and the wrong way to manage memory, both with code snippets. Check it out, and thanks to John Dowa at ManiacDev for the link, which can be found below.

[Link: How to avoid memory leaks in iPhone applications]

Apple allowing 3rd party dev tools

Apple has released a new developer agreement and some new rules have been outlined. The biggest one states that 3rd party development tools will be allowed as long as they don’t download code on the fly. With this new rule, I can’t help but wonder where iOS development will be a year from now. Will this site now be a Flash development resource as well? I’m thinking not, but who knows.

Things are changing, new development tools will be popping up left and right. Get ready for it.

iStrobe 25th Most Downloaded Utility

I am proud to announce that currently iStrobe is the 25th most downloaded utility in the App Store!

Thanks everybody for downloading!

iOS 4.1 HDR Photos hands on

I upgraded to iOS 4.1 GM beta yesterday and have been playing with the HDR camera settings. Historically, Apple’s GM releases have been the final official builds so this is most likely the same version to be released to the public in a few days. HDR is by far the most highly anticipated feature of the iOS 4.0.2 -> 4.1 upgrade

The new HDR on/off button is dead center between the Flash and Front/Back camera swap buttons.

iOS 4.1 HDR Screenshot


iAd, more truth revealed

Not long ago I posted an article outlining what one developer (myself) was making off iAds. I wanted to point out how profits are slowly, but steadily, rising. The past three days there were peaks of $18.23, $19.01 and $30.80 respectively, which is not much money in itself, but that equates to about 26-44 apps downloaded each day at $0.99 each which is not bad considering the competitive and overcrowded App Store.

When I made my last post about iAd profit I was impressed by $6/day profits. Now in comparison that seems like a slow day.

As an open source advocate, I believe it is helpful to others to be open about profits from my open source apps. This is merely to show what one developer is making. You may make less or much more.

Here’s the deal. I wrote a bit of sample code to generate 2D terrain. (See here and here) A fellow blogger and reader pointed out a performance flaw to me and suggested I do it differently. So I did. With problems.

I’m usually posting tips and help to readers, and it’s your turn to return the favor, if you would be so kind. Find the flaw, win an ‘atta boy, pat on the back, and a thank you. Sorry, no prizes. (more…)

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