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iPhone 4 low battery life

The battery life on my iPhone 4 is around 75% of what it is on the 1G. I turned off bluetooth and put the phone in Airplane mode, with no changes. Anybody else feeling a bit down about how fast the iPhone 4 drains the battery?

4 hours into the day and at 48%…

7 hours into the day and we are about finished.

I found this article which praises the battery life, but every single comment posted (as well as this followup) seems to favor well with my argument.

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13 Responses to “iPhone 4 low battery life”

  1. Hi,

    I upgraded from a 3G to the 4 and it is currently lasting me longer (50-70%) – though it depends on usage and given the better performance, I probably use it a little more.

    Have been trying to be careful to drain the battery fully when I can before doing a full charge.

    HTH, Chris

  2. Nick Vellios says:

    I noticed that playing games really sucks the life out of the battery much more on the iPhone 4 than the 1G, but my 3G is about the same or less. Thanks for the comment. I am currently draining the battery completely to see if maybe it is just reading wrong. A good excuse to play a bunch of Angry Birds. :)

  3. Revo says:

    My battery life is horrible! I am seeing maybe a full working day of use including commute. I am not impressed at all. :(

  4. Wide Guy says:

    I agree the battery is far from the claims Apple has made. Max I have had is 24 hours of very light to no usage.

  5. Dennis Hopper says:

    AHHH So I am not the only one!? Whewwwww! Everybody thinks I am crazy for talking trash about the battery life on my new iPhone 4! I’m lucky to get a day of use out of it, and even then I am plugging it in with only a few percent left.

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  7. [...] iPhone 4 low battery life « iPhone Open Source – Nick Vellios [...]

  8. [...] iPhone 4 low battery life « iPhone Open Source – Nick Vellios [...]

  9. Craig says:

    My first iPhone 4 also had this problem. I bought it on release day, and out of the box my battery was dead. I would have to charge my new iPhone 4 up a couple times a day which is obviously unacceptable. On 7/5/2010 I woke up to a completely dead iPhone 4…no charge cable or USB cable would bring it up…it was dead. Two days later Best Buy had another iPhone 4 waiting for me to pickup. The new one I have has gone 36 hours now on moderate usage (with Wi-Fi on) and has about 50% on the battery meter left. Perhaps there were a batch of bad batteries released? I am very happy with my replacement.

  10. Nick Vellios says:

    Releasing a product of iPhone magnitude with 0% failure rate is impossible. Maybe I was just one of the unlucky ones, but it seems there are more bad than good from the comments here.

  11. medical assistant says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  12. Nick Vellios says:

    Thank, I’ll keep it coming.

  13. Sasi says:

    IPhone 4 – Battery conseption is very low. Full charged battery is not enough to use for more than 8 hours after disabling the following features.

    1 I disabled the Wify
    2 I reduced brightness
    3 disabled locater
    4 not used camera
    5 not used any other function rather than phone calls
    But battery is so low.

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